I Love You

by shamanofsmile


I had u like a jelly  has her tentacles 
Like a son has his umbilical
Like an egocentric climber on Everest has the pinnacle.

There were evenings so delectable
Disregarding the predictable
Expectations redefined Then set in stone across a pool table

Love turned incomprehensible 
Actions indefensible
Offenses multiplying like a gang of furry space tribbles.

I was done
You were numb
Parts negated the sum
Heartache faded the sun
Memories had been drunk,
Drunk and pissed out like rum

Then came:
a trip to the clouds
Where rocks talk out loud
And anger no longer protects men like shrouds.

So we unwrapped sticky tentacles,
Gnawed dry umbilicals,
imagined a space where living joyful was pinnacle.

Now our persons are seperater,
But our orbits, molecular.
The way light waves make visions but aren’t part of your retina.

The way lightning ignites
Or music excites
We together are catalysts for this lifetime’s delights

‘Cause without me you’d be you
And I’d still be me too
But why’d we be ones when this two feels so true?