What happens when you meditate:

by shamanofsmile

My third eye don’t get stuck with puss.

Went from ‘I-you-them’ to mostly ‘uss.’

Your face to me is shiny wonderouss.

One smile from me, throw out your opi-uttss.

Watch me walk, you’re seein’ lushussnuss.

My backbone slips; I don’t develop russt.

Got a man so hot it’s hard not to lusst.

(He loves me so tender I’m  singin’ Elvuss

 and I  feed his belly with delishushnuss.)

On a happy train call me the Conductoruss,

I drink rainbows like Popeye eats Spinuch

And smash sadness like Hulk’s my aliuss.

Fabulous Nebulous Goddess of Progress is me, meditating.