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love – creating it, being it, knowing it, sharing it

Month: January, 2012

Awesome is as Awesome Does

Well I’m not too old but I’m not too young.

I’ve lost a little and I’ve picked up some.

I walk around smiling, just because.

And I’m better now than I think I was.

There’s one thing I’ve learned that lights up my days:

(It was told me by Nicky and she always smiles when she says)

“Awesome is as Awesome Does!”


rainbow life

my life is a rainbow from violet to red

birds sing for a chance to build nests in my dreds

got a king who does yoga then rests in my bed

kids love me ’cause I cut the crusts off their bread

my 1st chakra shines bright intense infrared

my last chakra faithfully tests words I have said

when worst thoughts come knockin’ I think best thoughts instead

jealousy, pride are the pests I have shed

resentment and fear and their mess have all fled

my heart was too big for my chest so it spread

joy starts in my toes, rolls up, crests in my head

a full spectrum of love waves here sent to my friends

I like the way…

I like the way my young boy stutters.

I love the     drawn     out      words     he utters.

He forces me to stop. and. listen.

to put down trivial things I’m doin’.

The most important thing I do all day

is really hear what he has to say.

‘Cuz my boy’s so far surpassed

This black n’white grey-scale grey matter cast

that I’ve for so long called my brain.

His dreams fall on my ears like rain.

And, like rain, the drama’s at the start

when the black clouds gather and the floodgates part.

So, too, my boy commands attention

commencing sentences with pure intention.

His intention’s strong enough to cause

his lips and tongue to seem, well, flawed

(to others, maybe, not to me-

my boy’s talking sets ME free).

But if I could see in front of me

the creations of my world of sleep

I don’t think I’d care if I pronounced

exactly correctly the magic I announced.